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      1. Welcome: Field Cable Technology Co.,Ltd.
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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Field Cable Technology Co. Ltd. (FCT) is a leading industrial field cable development and Manufacturer from 2007 in the worldwide. Since its inception, FCT has been dedicated to the improvement of industrial cable technology and the development of new and innovative cabling and connection solutions to address the increasingly rigorous demands placed on worldwide.  Connection Reliability is our goal. FCT providing high reliable connections for industrial field communication and power management. includes: Flexible Towline Cables,...


        CONTACT US

        Contact: William

        Phone: 136 5253 1353

        Tel: 0769-83459589/83459590

        Email: Field_cable@163.com

        Add: No.7 Building,New Industrial Zone,Shangkeng Village,Changping Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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